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Welcome to Mythical Danes Rabbitry! We are a small rabbitry located in northern Illinois. Unfortunately we no longer raise rabbits, although our son does show a couple of his Netherland Dwarfs in 4H.

Despite no longer raising rabbits I have decided to keep this website up for informational purposes. It also contains a fairly good sized breeder directory.

Our small breeding program originally started as a means to supplement our raw fed Great Danes’ diets. We started out with New Zealand White rabbits, then discovered New Zealand Blues. A wonderful friend of ours, long time breeder Arnie Schmidt, sparked our interest in broken patterned New Zealands and we now have Broken Blues in our New Zealand breeding program as well.

It wasn’t very long before we met and fell for our first Mini-Rex rabbit. For those of you who have never petted a Mini Rex (or Rex), I’d highly suggest it! They have been described as being the original velveteen rabbit. Their plush, dense fur is super soft to the touch. They also have a gentle nature to them and make wonderful children’s rabbits.

It was through a litter of Mini-Rex that we discovered Astrex rabbits. Astrex rabbits are an all but forgotten, olden breed of curly coated rabbits. The breed is nearly extinct, with occasional specimens showing up in litters, once in a blue moon. We are lucky enough to be involved in the redevelopment of this awesome breed.

Anyway… feel free to make your way around the site. I hope you enjoy it. On the right you will find links to all of our rabbit breeds, plus links to other areas of interest such as educational rabbit articles, and a breeder directory.

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